Only from our history can we understand who we are today and guess where we will go.

2021    • Go Live of the new service platform for the leading Swiss alarm control center.    
             • Franke Coffee Systems wins a Smart IoT Award for the IoT Digital Service Platform developed together with ibw ag.
               developed IoT digital service platform. 

2020    • Acceptance of the reporting application for the DWH. 
             • Renewed collaboration on laser tracker for Leica. 
             • Renewed collaboration on parts of a passenger information system.
             • Recertification under ISO 9001:2015 successfully completed.

2019    • Conception/Design and Validation (PoC) of a new service platform for the leading Swiss alarm centre.

2018    • Agile development of a comprehensive IoT solution based on Azure IoT Hub for a well-known Swiss industrial company.

2017    • ibw ag received the certificate of the revised Norm SN EN ISO9001: 2015.

2016    • Startup of the first data warehouse based on the ibw IoT framework
              • Delivery of the first IoT application operating in the Azure Cloud

2015    • Development of ibw framework for the Internet of things IoT

2012    • Takeover of majority shareholding and VR Management Committee by Hp. Bertschi
2011    • 30 years of ibw ag
2010    • Transfer of management to Hp. Bertschi

              • Collaboration on a new generation Laser Tracker by Leica
2009    • Development of parts for a passenger information system
              • Test management and implementation of various tools for
                a Swiss-wide alert platform
              • Cash handling
2008    • Laser Tracker for Leica
2007    • Cash automation
2004    • Development of telecontrol TC8 extensions
2003    • Project Dragon: DECT analogue/ISDN telephone for Swissvoice
             • Development of OZEN online headquarters
2002    • Project Abraxas-ISDN:  Development of C201 for Ascom
2000    • Projekt Abraxas-ISDN:  Entwicklung C201 für Ascom
1999    • Radio control phase F: Market maturity for introduction to CH
1998    • Developm. of phase D-K: Development of the massively parallel computer
1997    • KTI Project 3773.1: Correlation calculator for electrical system for detecting
                Radio station audience rates
                Partners: University of Neuenburg, PELF Lausanne, ibw ag, Liechti AG, specialist department
                Microelectronics Engineering School, Central Switzerland
              • ECG remote monitoring with GSM for Schiller
1996    • KTI Project 3134 Radiocontrol:
                Partners: University of Zurich. NE University, Microswiss Centre Grenchen
              • KTI Project 3134.2: Portable media detection system for
                market research analyses
                Partners: University of Zurich, NE University, Liechti AG, IHA, ibw ag
              • Development of Handset Comfort, DECT-Switch Digital for Ascom
1995    • Move to own premises in Vogelsang (Turgi)
              • Patent Radi control: Method and device for determination of
                radio and television user behaviours

              • Development of the "Holderbank Data Retrieval System" for what is now Holcim
1995    • Development and planning Radiocontrol phase 2
1994    • Development of software for telecontrol 7
1992    • Development of software for telecontrol XL for the GfK  in Nuremberg
1989    • Development of the software for the SERVITEL lift monitoring and
                alarm system for Schindler Aufzüge (Lifts) AG.
1988    • Move to Vorstadt 8, 5200 Brugg
1987    • Development of telecontrol 6
1985    • Conversion into public limited company ibw ag
              • Start of the electronic measurement of TV consumption in Switzerland
              • Development of telecontrol 5
1982    • Start of development of telecontrol 2 serial devices
1981    • Founding as a sole-proprietorship company "IBW Ingenieurbüro Wüthrich"
                Zimmermannstrasse 29, 5200 Brugg
              • Initial development of telecontrol 1 (prototype) for SRG
                for the electronic recording of the TV quotas.