At the beginning of March Saskia Schüler started working at ibw ag -
A warm welcome!

Saskia studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and graduated in 2020 as B.Sc. FHNW in computer science (profiling "iCompetence"). 
As her bachelor thesis she developed solution approaches for drug therapy safety using Machine Learning. For the company BlueCare AG, models were designed that can be used in an online pharmacy to contribute to the safety of customers when administering medication. Technologies such as Python, Git and Pandas Dataframes were used. 
Saskia gained her first professional experience as a software engineer in the backend at UBS. Here she was allowed to work on the mainframe with COBOL on solutions for tax reporting for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Later, she also worked at Planzer, where she was the main developer for the connection of a new scheduling software.


Severin Buri started working at ibw ag at the beginning of the month -

Severin studied computer science at the Technical University of Ulm and graduated as "Bachelor of Science" in 2020. As a bachelor thesis he developed a sharepoint frontend solution for 'intelligent' appointment/management based on ReactJs.

During his studies, Severin already gained first experiences in the industry. At GEIOS AG, a start-up in the tourism industry, Severin worked on the development of a digital destination management solution. He developed data migration modules with Java Spring and supported the team with various DevOps activities.

At Daimler TSS GmbH, the digital provider of Daimler AG, Severin worked as a working student in the Connected Cars division on backend/frontend solutions with global coverage. The employment was then continued with an internship semester.
The tasks included front end development in Angular, Typescript and back end development in Java, Golang and Python. Severin also solved infrastructure tasks with technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Staltstack, Jenkins, Nginx, ELK-Stack.

Most recently, Severin was involved in the development of a machine learning based software for detecting false-positive error messages in a distributed system.


QS recertification audit under ISO 9001:2015 successfully completed.

The quality system of ibw ag was audited again on 31.03.2020. The audit was carried out by SQS under difficult conditions (remote) again according to ISO 9001:2015 was carried out.


The quality policy is contained in the mission statement and published on the company's website. At the audit 
it is established that the QMS is maintained and continuously developed according to the needs of the company. The commitment and dedication to the QMS was strongly felt by the people interviewed.

  • Q-System is supported and continuously developed and improved according to the needs of the company.
  • The identification of training needs with the help of the skills matrix is very good --> training policy.
  • Comprehensive documented information is kept as evidence (tool-based: Mantis, Azure Devops, Wiki, Timetracking, Fileshare) and helps to ensure adequacy, effectiveness and traceability of service delivery.
  • Red thread Strategy, goals, measurement, evaluation is comprehensible throughout


No major or minor deviations were found.


Today Stefan Jope-Eser started working at ibw ag -

Mr. Jope studied Business Informatics at the Berufsakademie Karlsruhe (now Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg) and graduated as "Dipl. Wirtschaftsinform. (BA)" in 2005.
Stefan's professional career took him via Trivadis D (Consultant .Net), Numerix Canada (UI Development) to Trivadis CH (Consultant Application Development .Net). Among other things, he worked on the development of a WPF client with Prism and Telerik Controls, as well as features and connection of internal and external systems with Entity Framework, SQL Server, WCF, IIS, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Parallel Processing.
For Kaba AG, Stefan was then also involved in the hardware-related development of the first productive version of the modular WPF touch screen client, including framework (communication, logging, exception handling) and web services based on WebApi and Entity Framework Code First with Oracle.
In recent years Stefan first worked as an application developer (C# and WPF MVVM with Application Server and WCF Services) and then as head of software development at Vitodata AG, where he was responsible for the organizational and technical management of a frontend/backend development team.

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Company excursion 9.-10.8.2019 to Flims

Our company trip this year took us to Flims to the hotel "Adula".

Since the temperature even reached 28 degrees in Flims on the first day, everyone (including those who had made a short hike to the viewing platform "il Spir") ended up in the refreshing "Cauma Lake".

The following day we divided into 3 groups: Most of them went rafting, 5 did an e-Mountainbike tour and the rest stayed in the hotel and enjoyed the wellness area.

We ended the evening in the restaurant "Flyhof" at the "Walensee" with a fabulous dinner.



Today Tobias Sigel has finished his training at ibw ag -
Welcome to ibw ag!

Tobias studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and graduated in 2019 as B.Sc. FHNW in Computer Science (Profiling "iCompetence"). As bachelor thesis he realized the web application "Screen-Coach", a collaborative improvement platform for gymnastics clubs with React.js + Google's backend solution Firebase.

During his studies Tobias Sigel worked part-time as WEB- and Android developer at NANEOS PARTICLE SOLUTIONS. His task was the conception and implementation of a native Android application which receives data from a particulate matter measuring device via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and synchronizes it with a Firebase RTDB. As an additional implementation he realized a responsive React.js client for the frontend, which visualizes the synchronized data via interactive graphs (ReCharts.js).

During his training Tobias passed the MS Certification 70-483: Programming in C#.


QS maintenance audit successfully completed under ISO 9001:2015.

The quality system of ibw ag was audited again on 02.4.2019. The maintenance audit was again carried out by SQS in accordance with
ISO 9001:2015.


  • The quality policy is contained in the mission statement and published on the company's website. The audit It is established that the QMS is supported and continuously further developed according to the needs of the company. The commitment to the QMS was strongly felt by the interviewees.
  • The original structure and continuous further development of the management system as well as the adaptations to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard are actively shaped by the management.


  • No major or minor deviations were observed.


Today Jürg Denecke started working for ibw ag - Welcome to our company!

Mr. Denecke graduated from ETH Zurich in 1983 as an electrical engineer.

His professional career led him via the hardware development of alarm systems (Autophon AG) and digital in-house telephone exchanges (Ascom Hasler AG) to the company IVM Engineering AG, where he also worked as project manager and branch manager.

In 1998 Jürg Denecke returned to Ascom Infrasys AG where he worked in various positions in the areas of control systems and event detection. As a system architect, he was instrumental in the development of the first IP-based, nationwide alerting platform (JBoss, Oracle DB, Java, Apache Ant). In recent years he has been working on the development of a data warehouse with analytics functions based on NoSQL DB (MongoDB, Kafka, Java 8).