Today Jürg Denecke started working for ibw ag - Welcome to our company!

Mr. Denecke graduated from ETH Zurich in 1983 as an electrical engineer.

His professional career led him via the hardware development of alarm systems (Autophon AG) and digital in-house telephone exchanges (Ascom Hasler AG) to the company IVM Engineering AG, where he also worked as project manager and branch manager.

In 1998 Jürg Denecke returned to Ascom Infrasys AG where he worked in various positions in the areas of control systems and event detection. As a system architect, he was instrumental in the development of the first IP-based, nationwide alerting platform (JBoss, Oracle DB, Java, Apache Ant). In recent years he has been working on the development of a data warehouse with analytics functions based on NoSQL DB (MongoDB, Kafka, Java 8).