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Today Benjamin Herzog has started working at ibw ag -.
A warm welcome!

Benjamin studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and graduated in 2020 as B.Sc. FHNW in computer science.

Benjamin gained his first professional experience as a software developer at the Hochschule für Applied Psychology FHNW in Olten.  He has been involved with the design and development of various prototypes for research projects (virtual reality, web front- and backend). The software was mainly realized in C#.


In September Sascha Wettstein has started working at ibw ag -
A warm welcome!

Sascha Wettstein joins our team as Senior Software Engineer/Project Manager and Consultant.
He will further expand the area of IoT and digital services at ibw ag.

Sascha brings many years of experience in product development (hardware and software) and measurement instrumentation from his previous position at MBW Calibration AG, a leading international manufacturer of high-quality dew point hygrometers.
As head of development he coordinated between measurement electronics/hardware development and software.

He himself has been involved in the development of various desktop clients. Here mainly C# and WPF were used and various connections to devices (RS232, TCP, MQTT, REST) and systems (MSSQL, JIRA, SAP BusinessOne) were realized.

In 2010 Sascha took over the management of MBW Calibration AG with the overall responsibility for finance, IT and software development, electronics development, sales & marketing, service & calibration, logistics, production and human resources.

Also during this time, process optimizations and digitalization went hand in hand and important projects were successfully supported with internal software development.

Important successes are:

  • Obtaining ISO 17025 certification for MBW's calibration laboratory.
  • Replacement of the old ERP system and introduction of SAP B1.
  • Extensive automation of measurement data acquisition and calibration certificate generation.
  • Leading and improving production (Lean Production and software-supported Kanban).

Sascha studied at the University of Applied Sciences FHNW and graduated as "Bachelor of Science in Computer Science". By attending various modules of the Bachelor of Business Administration program, he rounded off his education with business knowledge.


Annual company excursion took place at August 26.

We spent our morning coffee stop at a pony ranch, where the owner, Nadine Herzog showed us how to treat horses in a fair way..

Daniel Reimann as horse whisperer.

Afterwards we had a guided tour in the Lewa Savannah in the Züri Zoo and lunch in the old Klösterli, also in the Züri Zoo.

In the afternoon it got really funny. We had booked a detective game with live actors at "Unreal Adventures" in the old town of Zurich. Also the prosecco given per group, let us really get into high spirits.

The event then ended in the cozy garden of the Rosengarten restaurant in Zurich.


In August Michael Russ has (re)started working at ibw ag -.

Michael studied electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences FHNW and graduated in 1998.

Until 2016, Michael worked at ibw ag as a software engineer and project manager in various projects (IoT Framework, Lasertracker, Radiocontrol).

After that, he worked at MBW Calibration in Wettingen as a software engineer. MBW Calibration is internationally recognized as a developer and supplier of high quality dew point hygrometers.

Among other things, Michael developed a new framework (C++ under Linux and Windows) for a humidity measurement device, as well as measurement data visualizations under C#, WPF. The measurement data was transferred via various interfaces (RS232, TCP, MQTT, REST).

In the responsibility for the IT infrastructure he developed tools for the digitalization/synchronization of processes between JIRA, Sharepoint and SAP or also MS Office Addins.

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QS maintenance audit under ISO 9001:2015 successfully completed.

The quality system of ibw ag was again audited on 06.07.2022. The audit was conducted for the first time by Mr. Tobias Wanner (Lead Auditor at SQS) again under ISO 9001:2015.

Positive impressions:

  • Dhe goal setting covering all relevant perspectives and the distribution of the goals to the processes.
  • The control of the project workload of the employees.
  • The execution of the internal audits by different employees.
  • The high method and tool competence of the employees.


Neither major nor minor deviations were found.

The owners Hanspeter Bertschi and Daniel Wüthrich (ibw holding ag) sell 100% of the ibw ag shares to Weyrauch Technologies AG. Hanspeter Bertschi remains Managing Director and member of the Board of Directors. Christian Wey (VRP) and Philipp Frommenwiler (VR) join the Board of Directors.

ibw ag becomes first member of Weyrauch Technologies AG, a Swiss group of companies in the field of IT

Who is the new owner?

    • Weyrauch Technologies AG, owner Christian Wey, Swiss entrepreneur (

    • Our approach is to form a group of Swiss SMEs in the field of IT. This leads to greater stability of the overall group while maintaining the identity of the member companies. We carefully develop the companies together with the local people

    • This is the second time we have implemented this strategy. In Qualiprint Holding AG, we have already successfully implemented it once in 12 years with currently 14 member companies (

    • We have never sold a company


What does this mean for the cooperation with ibw ag?

    •  It is our greatest concern to successfully continue the existing relationships. The transition should be as smooth as possible for the partners.
    • The people who operationally develop the solutions for the customers will remain the same.
    • In the near future Hanspeter Bertschi will remain the managing director of ibw ag. In the meantime, we will take the time together to select a suitable managing director in the medium term who can take over the baton from him. However, he will remain with ibw ag as a member of the Board of Directors, as will Rolf Brühlmann.


Congratulations to Dennis Müller for passing the certification exam:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

We are convinced of the potential of the MS Azure Cloud and invest continuously in broadening the know-how within ibw ag. 

See also  Reference project Franke Coffee System.



Our customer FRANKE Coffee Systems AG is Winner 2021 of the Smart IoT Award of the University of St.Gallen.

We are proud to have laid the foundation for these business services with our IoT platform. Our employees worked with Franke to develop the backend services in the Azure IoT Cloud and continue to develop them.

"The Franke Digital Services solution uses the example of the smart coffee machine to show how customer-centricity can work properly, both by showing a lot of potential for improvement on the supplier side and by enabling a more individualized coffee experience on the end customer side. The jury particularly emphasized the extension of the classic product sales business through smart services. A key issue with regard to business value is the improved availability of resources (e.g. coffee beans, milk) and consistent quality processes (cleaning the machine, etc.). Continuous monitoring can increase coffee sales by about 15%. On the other hand, operational costs can be reduced by a similar amount. This change thus also enables Franke's business customers to benefit from new revenue models (coffee-as-a-service), central management of beverage menus (incl. recipes) and new services (e.g. advertising on the coffee machine screen, touch-free beverage selection)."


QS maintenance audit under ISO 9001:2015 successfully completed.

The quality system of ibw ag was again audited on 27.05.2021. The audit was conducted for the first time by Ms. Gerda Lapaire (Lead Auditor at SQS) again under ISO 9001:2015.

Positive impressions:

  • The QM system is systematically maintained and updated.
  • The company works with the most modern software tools as well as project techniques and provides their 
  • optimal services for its customers.
  • All project developments are carefully documented.
  • The introduction as well as the training of the employees are carefully planned and implemented.


Neither major nor minor deviations were found.


Dennis Müller started working at ibw ag at the beginning of the month  -
A warm welcome!

Dennis studied at Aalen University and graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. During his studies he held tutorials for the lectures "Object Oriented Programming" and "Database Systems ".
His bachelor thesis dealt with the topic of NewSQL, in which the following technologies were used: Azure Kubernetes Cluster, CockroachDB, TiDB, Vitess, .NET Core 3.1, Entityframework Core.
Dennis gained his first professional experience at inovex in Stuttgart. inovex is an innovation and quality-driven IT project house with a service focus on "Digital Transformation". In a customer project, he dealt with the conception and development of an application using Microsoft Azure Cloud and Microsoft Graph API. He also gained first experience in conception, development and maintenance of a smartphone application for Android and iOS with Flutter.