Actual News


Company excursion 9.-10.8.2019 to Flims

Our company trip this year took us to Flims to the hotel "Adula".

Since the temperature even reached 28 degrees in Flims on the first day, everyone (including those who had made a short hike to the viewing platform "il Spir") ended up in the refreshing "Cauma Lake".

The following day we divided into 3 groups: Most of them went rafting, 5 did an e-Mountainbike tour and the rest stayed in the hotel and enjoyed the wellness area.

We ended the evening in the restaurant "Flyhof" at the "Walensee" with a fabulous dinner.



Today Tobias Sigel has finished his training at ibw ag -
Welcome to ibw ag!

Tobias studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and graduated in 2019 as B.Sc. FHNW in Computer Science (Profiling "iCompetence"). As bachelor thesis he realized the web application "Screen-Coach", a collaborative improvement platform for gymnastics clubs with React.js + Google's backend solution Firebase.

During his studies Tobias Sigel worked part-time as WEB- and Android developer at NANEOS PARTICLE SOLUTIONS. His task was the conception and implementation of a native Android application which receives data from a particulate matter measuring device via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and synchronizes it with a Firebase RTDB. As an additional implementation he realized a responsive React.js client for the frontend, which visualizes the synchronized data via interactive graphs (ReCharts.js).

During his training Tobias passed the MS Certification 70-483: Programming in C#.


QS maintenance audit successfully completed under ISO 9001:2015.

The quality system of ibw ag was audited again on 02.4.2019. The maintenance audit was again carried out by SQS in accordance with
ISO 9001:2015.


  • The quality policy is contained in the mission statement and published on the company's website. The audit It is established that the QMS is supported and continuously further developed according to the needs of the company. The commitment to the QMS was strongly felt by the interviewees.
  • The original structure and continuous further development of the management system as well as the adaptations to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard are actively shaped by the management.


  • No major or minor deviations were observed.