Actual News


Dennis Müller started working at ibw ag at the beginning of the month  -
A warm welcome!

Dennis studied at Aalen University and graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. During his studies he held tutorials for the lectures "Object Oriented Programming" and "Database Systems ".
His bachelor thesis dealt with the topic of NewSQL, in which the following technologies were used: Azure Kubernetes Cluster, CockroachDB, TiDB, Vitess, .NET Core 3.1, Entityframework Core.
Dennis gained his first professional experience at inovex in Stuttgart. inovex is an innovation and quality-driven IT project house with a service focus on "Digital Transformation". In a customer project, he dealt with the conception and development of an application using Microsoft Azure Cloud and Microsoft Graph API. He also gained first experience in conception, development and maintenance of a smartphone application for Android and iOS with Flutter.


At the beginning of March Saskia Schüler started working at ibw ag -
A warm welcome!

Saskia studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and graduated in 2020 as B.Sc. FHNW in computer science (profiling "iCompetence"). 
As her bachelor thesis she developed solution approaches for drug therapy safety using Machine Learning. For the company BlueCare AG, models were designed that can be used in an online pharmacy to contribute to the safety of customers when administering medication. Technologies such as Python, Git and Pandas Dataframes were used. 
Saskia gained her first professional experience as a software engineer in the backend at UBS. Here she was allowed to work on the mainframe with COBOL on solutions for tax reporting for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Later, she also worked at Planzer, where she was the main developer for the connection of a new scheduling software.